Heart & Sole Fundraiser

Heart & Sole Fundraiser
Summer 2017

We know that the current school year is just coming to an end; however before you know it the children of our community will be returning to school; can you believe how time flies!

Friends of Pickens County Guardian ad Litem has been providing financial assistance since 2002 to neglected and abused children, with the school age children benefiting from our Annual Heart & Sole Back to School Schooling Day at Belk & Rack Room Shoes. The new clothing these kids receive helps them feel confident for the first day of school, but the benefits go further. Getting new clothes for school sends a message to a child that school is important and that he or she matters.

Feedback from previous Heart & Sole events – “Met with two girls this morning and their relative caregiver who at some point in our session shared that their guardian "got the girls, a name brand pair of shoes" This was the first pair of name brand shoes that these girls ever had. " they ain’t never had no brand name shoes ". She then went on to talk about the fun they had school shopping at Belks with the GALs and how much it meant to them. The girls are now already for their first day of school with new clothes. Not clothes from Good Will or hand me downs but real new clothes. The caregiver reported that in the middle of Belks "I was about to cry", she was so thankful for the work that the GALs do.” – D.L., Service Provider; - “I’m going to be styling and will make new friends with my new clothes” – 11 year old GAL/DSS child shopping!

We are asking that you consider becoming a benefactor of a child for the 2016/2017 School Year by choosing one of several sponsorship levels:

  • Clothes for a 4-10 year old = $50
  • Shoes for a 4-10 year old = $40
  • Clothes & Shoes for a 4-10 year old = $90
  • Clothes for 11-17 year old = $75
  • Shoes for an 11-17 year old = $60
  • Clothes and Shoes for 11-17 year old = $135

Corporate and Multiple Sponsors are also available – for more information contact chair@friendspcgal.org. Become a benefactor today by completing the donation form or go through the donations page.

The board of directors would like to thank you in advance for your support of the neglected and abused children of our community. Community friends like you make available the resources that enrich the lives of our community maltreated children and the community as a whole by changing the lives of “one child at a time”!